Data processing agreement of users

1. Personal data subject (buyer, customer) is a person which placed an order for purchasing of goods and/ or service at the personal data processing operator and which gave his/ her personal data in terms of the order and in the terms of the discharge of obligations according to the data processing of the personal data processing operator.

2 . The personal data processing operator: ООО «MIRTEK-engineering», Payer’s identification number 490985821, registered address: Gomel-city, Fedyuninskogo-street, 11а.

3. The purpose of personal data processing: data processing of the personal data subject is realised only for purposes of the performance of the sale and purchase contract (formal offer), products delivery, support services, guarantee services, provision of information for the personal data subject, participation of the personal data subject in a bonus program, goods insurance (in cases, if the personal data subject used services of goods insurance), legislation enforcement, requirements documents.

4. The List of personal data: name, given name, patronymic name (where available); data of the document, identification number; data of the document of identification, date, month, year of birth; data about registration at place of residence; data about citizenship (nationality); phone number, e-mail address, number of bank card.

5. The List of actions with personal data: the operator performs personal data processing: collection, record, systematization, accumulation, storage, detailing (updates, changes), retrieval, transmission (submission, access), blocking, termination of personal data, submission of personal data/ delegation for data processing to companies-partners. The operator realises automated, not automated and combined personal data processing.

6. ООО «MIRTEK-engineering» guarantees personal data processing according to actual laws of the Republic of Belarus. At that OOO «MIRTEK-engineering» has no responsibility to reliability and accuracy of granted data.

7. Processing time: personal data processing agreement is given by the customer indefinitely.

8. Withdrawal of agreement: the agreement can be withdrawn by the personal data subject through a written application which is sent to the e-mail address:

9. Persons which are recruited for personal data processing: a scope of persons which is restricted by the personal data processing operator, realises personal data processing.

10. Herewith according to the Law of the Republic of Belarus “About information, informatization and information protection” dated the 10.11.2008 №455-З (with changes and supplements) you give your consent for personal data processing by OOO “MIRTEK-engineering” with your will and in your interests for purposes of accepting/ fulfilment of the formal offer at an order for purchasing of goods in the Internet shop (including ordering by phone) through marking opposite the line “I give consent for personal data processing”

by OOO “MIRTEK-engineering” of your personal data and for audio recording of your communication with employees of the Company during ordering and discharge of obligations according to the closed contract between the subject and the Operator including delivery of goods with the purpose of customer service quality assurance and accuracy of contract conditions.